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eCybermission eCybermission

Get to know the 2023-2024 National Finalist Teams !

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Students employ the same practices as scientists and engineers and use technology and math along the way.



Student projects are submitted and reviewed completely online.



Students learn how to engage with their communities and work to identify and/or solve local problems.


Expert Advice

All teams have access to our volunteer STEM professionals for support and help along the way through CyberGuide Live Chats and the Message Board.



All eCYBERMISSION submissions are judged and given written feedback.



Top teams in each grade are awarded prizes on a state, regional, and national level.

Team Advisors and Parents
Empower Tomorrow's Leaders

Your role is critical—manage and mentor your team(s) to complete their mission in the best, and most fun way, possible.

Impact Change in Your Community

Your mission is to use STEM techniques and practices to investigate and/or solve a local community problem.

"The activities in real-world and shadowing experts was an eCYBERMISSION experience that I will never forget. I believe the eye opening part was that I never knew how an Army engineer or scientist career would look like. If we do not see somebody in that career path, it is difficult for us students to imagine ourselves there. The experiences provided there and the friendships we made were invaluable and I now know there are other opportunities out there that I can explore."
Gitanjali Rao Gitanjali Rao
Time Kid of the Year
Support and Empower the Next Generation of STEM leaders

There is a volunteer opportunity to support students through every step of the competition. From helping students to complete their missions through online assistance and virtual Live Chats, to sharing STEM advice and inspiring students with your real world experiences, to offering encouraging feedback and comments on completed projects, eCYBERMISSION’s goal is to get students engaged and excited about careers in STEM.

2022-2023 Winners

Go above and beyond with your mission for a chance to win state, regional, and national awards.

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Gather your team and get ready to embark on your mission. Registration for the 2023-2024 competition is open!

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