Join Our CyberGuide Live Chats!

CyberGuide Live Chats are online chats with STEM professionals and eCYBERMISSION staff. Login and ask questions about eCYBERMISSION and completing your Mission Folder. These chats are your opportunity to discuss your project with professionals who will share their expertise and lend their support.

  • Live Chats hosted twice a month!
  • Get answers to your questions and tips about how to make your Mission Folder even better!
  • CyberGuides and former Virtual Judges will share insider tips and offer support all the way until submission!

Team Advisors, individual team members, and/or the entire team may participate in these sessions. Below, you will find the CyberGuide Live Chat schedule. Please use the link below to access the chat session at the designated time. You do not need a microphone to participate in the discussion, but if you have one, you may use it!

Join us for the next CyberGuide Live Chat on Oct 25th at 5 PM ET.

The next chat’s theme will be: Make a Plan - Setting timelines and goals (submit, higher score from previous year etc.)

CyberGuides, former Virtual Judges and Mission Control staff will be online to answer all your questions.

Click here to enter Blackboard Collaborate for the CyberGuide Chat!

* When you sign on to Blackboard Collaborate for the CyberGuide Live Chat you will be asked to enter a name. Please use your first and last initial and your team name. ex: ecTeamName

Schedule: 2018-2019

Date Time (ET) Theme
25-Oct 5:00 PM Make a Plan
Setting timelines and goals (submit, higher score from previous year etc.)
5-Nov 6:00 PM Not Too Cool For Tools
Offering resources to get started or for those already working. A focus on eCYBERMISSION tools.
23-Nov 5:00 PM Leaping Over the Pitfalls
How to keep moving forwards towards submission after setbacks. Failing does not = wrong.
4-Dec 6:00 PM Insider Tips to a Great Mission Folder
Have a staff member and a Previous Virtual Judge there to talk about what they look for - also review the Rubric.
8-Jan 5:00 PM Resources to the Rescue
Review of online eCYBERMISSION resources.
25-Jan 6:00 PM Polishing for Points
A thorough review of rubric for "easy points" like spelling and grammar.
5-Feb 5:00 PM Too Legit to Submit (late)
Prepping teams to submit, directing them to CGs for additional help.
21-Feb 6:00 PM Ahead Of The Pack
Making sure teams finish up BEFORE the deadline- how to check attachments and review as a team.
26-Feb 5:00 PM Last Call