Helpful Websites

To get you started, here are some websites that might be helpful. You’ll see that there are general websites and also websites specific to each Mission Challenge. You might use them when you do your research or you might use them to help you choose a topic to study for your project. Either way, these are just some of the many websites that are out there to help you along the way.

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Ask a Scientist
This site allows you to pose questions to scientists or to read through previously asked questions.

Discover Engineering
Learn about more about engineering. Science Sites
Provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.

Measurements Converter
Interactive calculators for many measurement systems both commonly used like metric and U.S. and quite exotic like Ancient Greek and Roman.

Periodic Table of Elements
A great interactive Periodic Table of the Elements.

Science Daily
An online publication that is searchable and contains articles about science and engineering.

Science Video Glossary
A collection of videos that explain science and engineering terms.
A searchable site created by the US Government that allows you to search for various topics.

The Science Spot
Find the answers to all sorts of science-related questions.

Easy Bib
This website will take information about where you collected your research and create a citation for you. It includes information about MLA, APA, Chicago and other formats.


Alternative Energy
This site contains information about the different types of alternative energy.

Alternative Energy - National Geographic Video
A video produced by National Geographic that talks all about alternative energy sources.

Alternative Fuels
A page that explains alternative fuels for vehicles.

Energy Sources - Department of Energy
A look at all things renewable and alternative from the Department of Energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A great resources for how alternatives energies are being used now and in the future.

Renewable and Alternative Energy Source - Penn State
A page from Penn State University that explains what renewable and alternative energy is and how it's being studied right now.

Renewable and Alternative Fuels
The Environmental Protection Agency's page about renewable and alternative fuels.


Climate Kids - NASA
NASA's environmental science page designed for students.

Environment - Federal Highway Administration
A page that talks about the environmental impacts of transportation.

Environment Magazine
A site that has numerous and up-to-date articles about environmental problems and issues.

Environmental Defense Fund
This is the homepage for the Environmental Defense Fund, the organization that fights to protect the environment.

National Public Radio - Environment
A site offering written and recorded new stories about environmental issues.

Students for the Environment
Activities and resources specifically for students concerning the environment.

United Nations Environment Programme
This page offers a good global perspective on environmental issues.

United States Environmental Protection Agency
The Environmental Protection Agency's homepage.


FDA Food Safety
Information about recalls, foodborne illnesses, food product labels, food research, and more provided by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Distracted Driving Prevention Toolkit - for Parents
This site talks about the dangers of distracted driving.

Food Safety
A page all about food safety and preparation.

Health Information - National Institutes of Health
The homepage for the National Institutes of Health.
A page containing information about all things health including spread of diseases and safety. Ages & Stages
A page that explains how children grow and develop at various ages.

Keep Kids Safe from Preventable Injuries
A page dedicated to children's safety. Parents Home Page
A page dedicated to children's health and development.

Parents Central: From Car Seats to Car Keys - Keeping Kids Safe
A page about safety tips concerning cars and kids.

President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
This page has information about fitness and nutrition for students.


Ask a Scientist
This site allows you to pose questions to scientists or to read through previously asked questions.

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
Designed by NASA, this page explains how planes work.

Forces and Motion: Basics - Simulations
Extensive simulations for various physics problems.

Khan Academy - Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion
Lessons about force and motion from Khan Academy. These are presented as videos.

Kinematics: The Physics of Motion
Written lessons and explanations of physics concepts.

Physics 4 Kids
This page explains forces and motion and provides examples and videos.

Physics of Sandcastles
Learn all about the physics of sandcastles from NASA.

Physics Sites for Kids
A list of sites for students that relate to physics.

The US government's biometrics page that explains what biometrics is and how it work.

CIA Kids Zone
The Central Intelligence Agency page designed for students

A page designed to explain national security to students

Department of Justice - National Security Division
The National Security Division of the Department of Justice

FBI National Security Branch
The FBI's page about national security

Forensic Science Simplified
A page that explains all aspects of forensic science

National Security Agency
The homepage for the National Security Agency


Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
A leader in robotic innovation, Carnegie Mellon University offers a wide array of information about what they are doing and have done.

FIRST Robotics
A robotic competition and ideas for what students are doing with robots now

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Information about how robots are used in engineering

Razor Robotics
Find out more about the basics of robotics!

Robotic Industries Association
Offering webinars and more information about how robots work

Robotic Kits for Kids
A source for kits that students can purchase to build robots

Robotics Alliance Homepage - NASA
NASA Robotics Alliance that talks all about robots in use today

Robotics Facts
Facts about robots


BBC Technology News
This is a resources for articles about current technology

Emerging Technologies
Information about new technologies, this site was created by the Department of Energy.

Government Technology
The US Government site about technology, providing information and additional resources.

NASA Technology
NASA's technology page, discussing all kinds of technology used by NASA in space and around the world.

Tech Kids Unlimited
Learn about what other students are doing with technology right now!

Technology - National Public Radio
Recorded and written articles about technology

World Technology Network
Information about some of the latest developments in technology