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With eCYBERMISSION, there’s a role for everyone! Whether you’re a STEM-loving student looking to further your career goals, a teacher looking to encourage and challenge your students academically, or a STEM professional looking for a great volunteer opportunity, we want YOU to join the mission.

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Students: Investigate, Experiment, and Have Fun!

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Who: Students in Grades 6-9

Why: The student role is to create your team, identify a particular problem in your community, work together to explore the problem, share your findings and win prizes!

What You Gain:

  • Develop ideas and skills to help you address the problems in your community
  • Opportunities to engage with scientists, engineers and other STEM professionals specializing in fields such as robotics, technology, forces and motion, environment, food and nutrition, national security and safety and alternative energy sources!
  • Experience working as a team and learning valuable skills that help in high school, college and future careers
  • Real-life application of STEM in your local community
  • Prizes. SO MANY PRIZES!

Parents/Guardians: Encourage, Engage & Support!

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Who: Parents & Guardians with Students in Grades 6-9

Why: The primary role of parents/guardians is to support their child as they work towards completing their team Mission Folder

What’s Your Mission:

  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Assist the team as they brainstorm ideas, conduct research, test theories, and compose their findings.
  • Supervise the teams safely as well as encouraging fun

Find out more in the Parents/Guardian’s User Guide

Team Advisors: Monitor, Assist and Lead the Team!

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Who: Team Advisors – Teachers, Parents, Etc!

Why: The primary role of the Team Advisor is to support students and teams during registration, Mission Folder research and development, and submit Mission Folders by the Mission Folder submission deadline. Team Advisors must be at least 21-years-old to lead a team.

What’s Your Mission:

  • Assist the teams with registration via the eCYBERMISSION site
  • Place students on complete teams via your eCYBERMISSION Team Advisor Homepage
  • Discuss Mission Challenges with your teams and select the Challenge via your Team Advisor Homepage
  • Discuss Scientific Inquiry Using Scientific Practices or Engineering Design Process for each team and select the team choice via your Team Advisor Homepage.
  • Monitor teams as they engage in Discussion Forums and Team Talk
  • Review the completed Mission Folder and submit the Mission Folder, via your Team Advisor Homepage, by the February deadline.

Ambassadors: Recruit, Encourage and Promote Participation

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Who: Ambassadors, Civilian or Military

Why: Promote the eCYBERMISSION Program in your community and to spread the word about the benefits of STEM Education!

What’s Your Mission:

  • Encourage participation in the eCYBERMISSION Program by visiting schools in their local community
  • Educate students about the prizes involved and how earning savings bonds can greatly help their futures
  • Reach out to STEM or other like-minded organizations to promote the program and future participation
  • Participate additionally as CyberGuides and help teams as they progress with their Mission Challenges
  • Recruit colleagues, family, friends and more to join as Volunteers or Team Advisors

CyberGuides: Share, Support, Advise!

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Who: CyberGuides, STEM Leaders

Why: CyberGuides are volunteers, civilian or active duty military, who provide online assistance to eCYBERMISSION Teams and can also serve as Ambassadors to promote the eCYBERMISSION Program in their local community.

What’s Your Mission:

  • Support student teams in eCYBERMISSION Discussion Forums online and answer student questions about their projects
  • Support student teams in eCYBERMISSION Team Talks and help students with questions regarding research and their projects
  • Participate in Live CyberGuide Chats bi-monthly where you answer questions regarding subject matter such as research, experimentation, building a prototype, competition rules, the Virtual Judging process and a variety of other questions necessary for a successful Mission Folder!
  • Provide students with assistance and feedback whenever you are available
  • Participate in several webinars throughout the program year
  • Volunteer roughly five to six hours per month

Virtual Judges: Support, Assess, Contribute Your Expertise

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Who: Virtual Judges

Why: Virtual Judges are volunteers who have a background or interest in STEM education. They independently and objectively score approximately ten to fifteen Mission Folders online during our Virtual Judging period in March. If you believe in promoting STEM education to America’s youth and want a flexible volunteering opportunity, Virtual Judge is the role for you!

What’s Your Mission:

  • Promote STEM education to America’s youth and its importance to our nation’s global competitiveness
  • Support and volunteer for an education-related community service activity
  • Contribute your expertise in a fun and unique way to the next generation of America’s leaders
  • Discover how today’s students learn and apply STEM to real-world settings
  • Enjoy the flexibility of volunteering online at your own convenience during eCYBERMISSION’s Virtual Judging period in March

Student Virtual Judges: Volunteer, Evaluate, Support Fellow Students

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Who: Student Virtual Judges

Why: Student Virtual Judges are currently enrolled college or university students studying Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics or Education. This is the perfect opportunity for individual students who are looking for extra credit activities, classrooms to add to their curriculum and organizations to earn service hours. If you enjoy supporting and volunteering for an education-related community service activity and have an interest in discovering how today’s students can learn and apply STEM to real-world settings, this role is for you!

What’s Your Mission:

  • Promote STEM education to America’s youth and its importance to our nation’s global competitiveness
  • Independently and objective score five team Mission Folders online during the first three weeks of March
  • Gain experience in critical thinking and provide constructive criticism in the scientific and engineering fields
  • Enjoy the flexibility of volunteering online at your own convenience during eCYBERMISSION’s Virtual Judging period in March

Find a role for you? GREAT! For more information regarding participation, please contact Mission Control at or call us at 1-866-GO-CYBER (462-9237)!